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Bill curbs poor parking

3 January 2013

Capability Scotland is supporting the introduction of new legislation which will ban vehicles from parking on pavements or next to other parked cars or dropped kerbs.

As a member of the Responsible Parking Alliance, Capability Scotland welcomes the Responsible Parking Bill which was in the Scottish Parliament on 12 December by Sandra White MP.

The Bill proposes a blanket ban on parking on pavements unless the council has put a specific exemption in place.

Capability Scotland Director of External Affairs, Richard Hamer, said; "The inconsiderate parking of vehicles by drivers causes huge problems for disabled people. In the very worst case scenarios, individuals can find themselves trapped in their homes because of the issue.  However, this Bill is not just good news for disabled people it's also positive news for parents with buggies or toddlers who find it difficult to negotiate pavements blocked by parked vehicles."

Capability Scotland is now urging disabled people to contact to their MSP during Januuary and ask them to support the Bill. You can download a template letter which we can forward to your MSP once completed.