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Transcript of Adam's film

When I came out the army I felt so low, I didn't even want to get up, I never left  the house. But when I first got in touch with Capability Scotland I went in and spoke to a women called Lois, She basically sat me down, had a look through my CV and asked me questions about the army and why I got out.. stuff like that.  They gave me my motivation back by keeping me going in every week, applying for jobs, practising my interview skills.

I've been working here for about four and a half months now.  I was given the service hero award about a month ago because I was helping everyone in the shop and obviously stood out, so they gave me that award and it just put my confidence right back up again.

Since I've been put in touch with Capability Scotland I've went from feeling low, depressed and lonely, didn't even want to get up in the morning to now I've got my family, I've got work, I've got money, I'm staying with my girlfriend at the moment. There's nothing more I could ask for.  I've got my life all set out for me now I've got a job.