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Transcript of the Capability Scotland, Employment Services, Here to Help film

Ian Bruce, Operations Manager, Employment Services is talking to camera

Capability Scotland is here to help and support disabled people, who are looking to find work, and get back to work.

We work with local and national employers looking at the skills and abilities of individuals and matching them with the job market and job vacancies.

Our teams work with individuals on a one to one basis.  They provide coaching, training and interviews skills and help with CVs and application forms. They also work with employees to make sure they understand the labour market that is available to them.

We do this all over Scotland.  It's about increasing the employment levels for disabled people so that they are equal - at least equal - to those of non-disabled people.  At the moment there is a huge difference in the employment and labour market between non-disabled and disabled people in work.

For me, it's very simple, we want to increase people's opportunities, create a more inclusive society and give people the confidence to go and work - that's what they want to do.