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Working with employers transcript

Working with EmployersDiversity is really important at Asda, we are all about making sure that we have got a really diverse work force and our employees should represent our customers. Therefore we really value individual difference and employ people who meet the needs of the customers whether that's age, race or disability.  It's really important that we have that.

Asda has worked with Capability Scotland and other organisations like Capability Scotland for a number of years. It's really useful for us because they give us a lot of support and a lot of guidance not only to the individual to help them through the recruitment process and to make sure that we get the right people for the job, but also once they have been employed by us we can get them in and they can give guidance and support at that point too.

What's been useful is that where we've maybe had somebody come to us with a disability to work in our store, we can work with Capability Scotland to try and find out: what reasonable adjustments we can make; how we can make it easier for them to be able to deliver the job and equally what kind of things we can do to support them in their job?

Overall it's had a really positive impact. You know it's important for me that the people that work in my store are the best we can have and reflect the community around us. It doesn't matter if someone has a disability or not as long as they've got the right personality and the right behaviour then it's great for us.  So overall a really positive impact.