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Learning for Life

At Stanmore House School our pupils are at the heart of everything we do.

Our aim is to support children and young people with complex needs to fulfil their potential and we do this by providing an interdisciplinary approach involving teaching, nursing, and therapy.

Curriculum for Excellence

We support students to participate in the Curriculum for Excellence and National Qualifications at National level and ASDAN modules.

Pupils follow an adapted curriculum that is tailored to meet their individual, education and therapeutic needs. Each day they enjoy engaging in a wide range of learning experiences both within the classroom and in specialist therapy sessions

Multi-Disciplinary Education

We use a 'whole school theme' approach in our learning which means all students across the school focus their learning around one topic.  This lends itself well to the school's multi-disciplinary approach and helps pupils to relate to the topic throughout all areas of school life.

Education tailored to your child's needs

Each pupil has an Individual Education Programme (IEP) which is prepared in consultation with parents and closely monitored. Teachers keep a daily record of pupil's progress in key curricular areas including maths and numeracy, english andliteracy, expressive arts, health and wellbeing, religious and moral education and social studies and technologies.

When pupils reach secondary school they are included within the National Qualification (NQ) framework which means they receive formal accreditation for the progress they make.

Image of a Stanmore pupil with author Cat Clarke

Bringing literacy to life

Stanmore’s sensory room was transformed into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory on World Book Day.  Pupils enjoyed a sensory version of the classic tale read to them by award winning author of young adult fiction Cat Clarke.