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Policy & Campaigns

We recognise that by working with others we can deliver better results, both in terms of our services and in our campaigning, for disabled people.

We therefore work with, and learn from, those who use our services, their carers and families, the wider community of disabled people in Scotland and other like-minded voluntary organisations or charities.

Photo from the Capability Scotland film showing a woman in a wheelchair

Focus on: Disability Agenda Scotland

DAS is an alliance of Scotland’s major disability organisations, including Capability Scotland, Enable Scotland, RNIB, RNID, SAMH and Sense Scotland.

Jim Elder-Woodward

Close alliances with others help us advance common goals and to secure common interests. 

Woman standing outside the Scottish Parliament

We work with disabled people across Scotland to influence Government policy, legislation, practice and attitudes. 

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Do you have a pressing issue that you think deserves national attention? We are always happy to discuss any potential campaign, just get in touch.