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Christmas Cards

Our Christmas cards for 2019 are now available!

Capability Scotland provides vital services for disabled children and adults across Scotland at home, in the community and in our schools. Picking up your Christmas cards for the festive season from us helps ensure we can continue to provide care and support.

To request a catalogue, you can email us at:

Give us a call: 0800 980 5331

Pop in to our shops or our head office at:

Capability Scotland
1 Osborne Terrace

EH12 5HG

Each pack contains 10 cards and inside reads "With Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year". We have glitter (Flitter) cards or texture board on some designs as noted.

Tartan Sheep

Four Candles

23266.01__1-2 ELX95001 C 23266.02__1-2 ELX95001 C


Fluffy Robin (Flitter)


Robins on Wellies (Flitter)

23266.03__1-2 ELX12094_01 C 23266.04__1-2 ELX12086 C


Dogs Letter for Santa (Textured Board)


Colourful Tree (Flitter)

23266.05__1-2 ELX95002 C 23266.06__1-2 ELX16058 C


Singing Angel (Textured Board)


Twelve Tartan Stags

23266.07__1-2 ELX90004 C 23266.08__1-2 ELX90020 C