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David Currie Retirement

3 October 2018

After over 10 years with Capability Scotland's Main Board of Trustees, David Currie resigned from his position as Chair of the Main Board at our 57th Annual General Meeting on Thursday 27 September 2018.

DC & Lord Hardie


Our Honorary President, the Rt. Hon. Lord Hardie thanked David, on behalf of the organisation.

He said 'I have the greatest admiration for the dedication shown by Trustees and staff and none more so than David Currie.  David has been the Chair during the most significant period in Capability Scotland's history.  He has worked tirelessly as Chair of Capability Scotland to ensure that the organisation has delivered on its 5-year strategy.  This strategy focussed on a wide ranging modernisation agenda and its benefits are clear to all, most especially our customers'.

Lord Hardie acknowledged David's keen interest in working with the Customer Advisory Group during his tenure as Chair.   Kitty Joyce, independent Chair of the Group made a presentation to David and thanked him on behalf of the customers.

Lord Hardie concluded by noting that David embodied the very ethos of Capability Scotland and he will be sadly missed.

David thanked everyone and gave a heartfelt speech to Main Board colleagues, Members and the Executive Management Board, in which he recognised everyone's contributions to the new Capability Scotland.  He noted a number of significant achievements that have came to fruition over the last five years and encouraged everyone to double their efforts in ensuring our future to the benefit of our customers.