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Never Mind the Gap Performance

26 July 2018

Capability Scotland are pleased to announce that we are having a performer from the Edinburgh Festival putting on a mini show at Riccarton and Craigmillar for our service users, parents, and carers. He is going to be at Craigmillar on Monday 20th August at 11:00am and Riccarton on Wednesday 22nd August at 11:00am.

Disabled singer songwriter who suffers with arthritis and cerebral palsy Shaun Shears has a Show to Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the 4th time after a three year absence, but now returns with a deeper purpose and his own narrative with some unlikely support, helping those less fortunate to experience the fringe.

"Why a three year absence? I just felt I wasn't getting that 'fringe experience' no afterparties, flyering on the mile was impossible and unethical and dangerous being in the wheelchair.  I had my reviews of 4 star show but I began to miss interacting with people. The venue, an apartment, everything cost more because of my needs and I felt it was time to take time out and stop putting myself and personal assistant through stress and was concerned about losing friendship" recalls Shaun.

Lewis Clist Shaun's long-time friend  and personal assistant was not gonna let this happen. 'Shaun and I have been on this journey not to make disability an issue but I could see he was having an effect singing directly about it via songs like 'Wheelchair Sex' and 'Sample Man' about those who doubted his composing and lyrical ability he opened up a dialogue between people about subjects so I had to make him see that. I told him you're not the perfect advocate because you sing songs about 'Wheelchair Sex' coupled with juxtaposition of writing songs about your sister that make ya wanna cry.  So you tell me what you wanna do and I'll logistically get ya there you do the rest, but 'no' was not an option.  I've seen Shaun at his worst he's like my brother.  I couldn't let his depression come back, not after kicking wrongly prescribed drugs and direct prejudice from people with or without disabilities just because he has able friend and refuses to conform to a stereotype, I had to let my friend, my brother enjoy being a songwriting and calling himself an artist. So dropping him off at com-icons to make adverts for his music with Z list Sci Fi stars and ex Bond Girls and from that came the old Shaun full of fun but more importantly a human being interested into life.' Says best friend, PA, and often Shaun's roadie controlling lights and iPod.

Shaun returns with a songwriting cabaret show called 'Never mind the gap,' containing Shaun's original songs from his EPs on iTunes but is accompanied by fellow songwriter Tim Brownsea and Magician Matt Horan.

This time bringing  'the fringe to those on the fringes' who are unable to attend the fringe and have offered Capability Scotland two free shows which Shaun has scheduled around his own official Edinburgh Show.

'I wanted to do an old school fringe where we have raw ambition with people who share that have the same objective: to entertain and leave an impression. If we can make a few interesting points and make people enjoy life a little bit more that would be ace. We just wanna have fun and experience a new journey with each performance' - Shaun Shears

Shaun's recent work has involved selling downloadable EP's from for music therapy charity for Nordoff Robbins allowing one client a free music therapy session.  He  has also written a songs about 'heckling' Neil Finn (Crowded House) who included scannable links to Shaun's songs in a fan book where shaun is the only songwriter to have his own songs included in the book which has nearly sold 20,000 copies independently alongside such contributors such as Mick Fleetwood and Sheryl Crow in aid of Doctors Without Borders.  He recently wrote a song for  TV presenter and landscaper Charlie Dimmock with Tim Brownsea adding his inimitable touch to guitars. Just because Lewis is appearing on 'garden rescue' and when Lewis introduced Shaun as his colleague and a songwriter the crew said it would be 'funny to write a song about Charlie.' Shaun obliged and said: 'Charlie likes it I hope we get the chance to make some money for a charity of her choice.'

' I'd like to express my thanks to the Edinburgh Fringe, The Space UK Eventotron and Capability Scotland For helping me promote my original songs despite having cerebral palsy and arthritis helping me, my show and team of personal care assistance to perform to our full potential. Performing make me feel better and alive' reiterates Shaun.