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Bex Carter runs for Capability Scotland

"C'mon Capability!" Running for Capability Scotland, fundraiser Vikki Hamilton was at Mile 24 in the Edinburgh Marathon and her knee was in agony. The shout of encouragement from another runner in a Capability Scotland t-shirt was exactly the boost she needed. That runner was Bex Carter and she was running the marathon to raise money for Capability Scotland's Childcare 4 All, a service that had changed the life of her son Jamie. Both women crossed the finish line raising more than £4,500 for Capability Scotland.

For Bex, running was a lifeline to get her through the tough times after Jamie was diagnosed as having cerebral palsy. Nearly two years on, Jamie is thriving, happy and bright as a button - and running has become a way of life.

Because of Jamie's story, Bex's running club, Edinburgh Running Network, has chosen Capability Scotland as the charity they are supporting through their 2014 LP run in August.

The LP run originated in Houston where it is now in its 47th year. Entrants see how many times they can run around a track in 33.33 minutes, based on the revolution of a LP record. The Edinburgh Running Network's event is in its 5th year and is taking place at Meadowbank Stadium on the 24th August. Music is played around the stadium and entrants are able to put forward a song to be played during the event, the theme being 'songs you liked when you were ten'!

"It's a great motivator to finally get fit, get fitter or reach your goal; if you're doing it for a purpose it helps you go running when it's raining or when you'd rather be in bed!"
Bex Carter

Bex's running club call themselves a 'cake club with a running problem', so it's not surprise that cake is also featured in the event. A cake competition will be taking place and the theme is 'birthday cakes', prizes will be awarded for the healthiest cake, best dressed (or decorated) and tastiest cakes. Entrants and supporters are encouraged to dig in to the cakes (once they've been judged) on the day, a great motivator for running fast around the track!

If you want to take part in a run with difference you can sign up online on the Edinburgh Running Network's website. Entrance is £10 for Scottish Athletics members and £12 for non-members. Alternatively, if you want to support the runners you are welcome to head down to Meadowbank on the 24th August to cheer the cake loving runners on!

Bex and the other members of the Edinburgh Running Network are just some of the amazing people who are involved in raising money to help Capability Scotland be here for Scotland's disabled adults and children.  From tea parties through to trampolining, there are all sorts of ways to help. If you're interested in finding out more contact the fundraising team or visit the events page here.



Meet Bex

If Bex's story inspires you to do some fundraising for Capability Scotland make sure you take a look at our fundraising pages