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GSBO: Nearly 200 books later

Trish, held a Great Scottish Book Off recently and has kindly shared her experience.

When I saw that Capability Scotland was encouraging people to hold book swaps in their homes, I thought it was great excuse for a long overdue Girls Night.

It couldn't have been easier to organise. I sent invitations by text and Facebook and 16 people turned up on the night- some with the contents of a small bookshop in tow, others with the one book they'd read in the last two years.

Not known for my domestic goddess skills, I stocked up on crisps, dips, and (very) cheap wine which were supplemented by supplies brought by my guests. Capability Scotland provided lovely bookmarks, stickers for the books and also a literary quiz, which made us realise exactly how much reading we hadn't done. The winning team were let loose on the books before everyone else.

No-one missed out though, as there were nearly 200 books to choose from, with hardly any duplicates (apart from half a dozen "Gone Girl" copies) and not a single 50 Shades. I can't really offer an explanation for any of that.

Some people needed transport home for their haul, others left with the one book they will read in the next two years. Altogether we raised a fantastic £170 for Capability Scotland. A few of my friends are now planning to hold their own book swaps at home or work, so they can have first refusal on the left over books: otherwise they'll be going to my local Capability Scotland shop.

My #GSBO was a great way to catch up with friends, get some new reading materials and raise £170 to support Capability Scotland with their work. You can't really ask for much more in one evening!


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