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Housing Partnership

Housing is key to independent living, without a house it can be impossible for disabled people to access employment, education or even social and recreational opportunities. However, many disabled people face significant barriers when it comes to finding a suitable place to live.

Capability Scotland and GCIL provide housing advice to over 500 people a year and we find that common problems disabled people still face include:

  • A lack of accessible housing to buy or rent that is near their networks of support and/or place of work
  • Difficulties getting an adaptation to their current home because of structural, funding or advice issues
  • Long waiting times for social rented housing that is suitable
  • Problems raising finance to buy or rent
  • Little or no specialist housing options advice

A 2012 report 'Mind the step' by Horizon Housing Association and Habinteg estimates that one in four wheelchair users in Scotland live in unsuitable housing and over 17,000 wheelchair user households are in significant housing need.

Furthermore, the Scottish House Condition Survey found that disabled people's ability to get even the most basic adaptations made to their homes is often fraught with difficulty and that "one in five disabled people requiring an adapted house live in a house that is 'not at all' or 'not very suitable' to their needs."

It is because of these housing difficulties faced by disabled people that Capability Scotland and GCIL decided to work together on a partnership project to improve access to suitable housing for disabled people.

Funded by the Scottish Government's Housing Voluntary Grant Scheme since 2010 this project has:

  • Provided advice, advocacy and support to over 2000 disabled people concerned about their housing.
  • Created a housing options guide for disabled people
  • Developed 3 accessible design posters covering the public realm, barrier free housing and full wheelchair accessibility.  These posters provide developers. Architects and disabled people with easy-to-understand information about accessible design.
  • Given disabled people a voice at housing discussion events that is then fed back directly to the Scottish Government

If you are having problems with your housing that relate to disability please get in touch with our Advice Service.