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Wallace Court opening

5 June 2018

The official opening of Wallace Court's new outdoor sensory area will be on Wednesday 20 June at 11am. Councillor Lorraine Cameron (Provost of Renfrewshire) has kindly agreed to attend and "cut the ribbon". There are so many  people we need to thank, especially the amazing team from Horizon Housing Association.

There will be a buffet, homemade craft and baking stalls and, weather permitting, a chance to really enjoy the newly completed facility.

Life at Wallace Court continues to develop for our customers as everyone has started their fitness plans to be in shape for the sponsored wheelchair push from Lochwinnoch to Wallace Court on Thursday 19 July.   Challenges have been made and accepted and the boasts have become louder each week. There are sponsor sheets available from the service, should anyone like to help us bring in more funds.