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Pupil involvement

Pupils are encouraged to have their say about what happens at Corseford.

School Council

We have an active School Council which is made up of representatives from each class who are elected on an annual basis.

The Council meets once per month with a teacher and a classroom assistant. Each class discusses items for the Agenda with their representative.

Items from the Leadership Team for pupil discussion are also brought to the School Council.  Representatives feedback to their classmates using the minutes of the meeting and together they agree their  class response to the issue.

After School Activities

There are educational and social activities in the school two evenings per week. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays the School offers a Homework and Activities Club (with tea) until 6.30 pm and on Wednesdays boys and girls aged 10 + have the opportunity to go to Scouts until 8.30pm.

Pupil in school standing in front of Student Council poster

Chloe likes having her say

Chloe, pictured above,  is a member of the Pupil Council. Chloe used her symbols to tell us she likes being on the Pupil Council and that it is an important job because she has to make some important decisions about the life of the school.