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Involving our customers

Understanding the ambitions and aspirations of the disabled people that use Capability Scotland's services is fundamental. It helps us both improve the services we offer and achieve our wider ambition of ensuring disabled people have a platform from which they can make informed choices about the things that really matter.

Below you can find out about just some of the ways in which we support the people that use our services to have their say, and for those views to influence decision making, not only on a personal level but at a national level too.

Eddie Moore attending a meeting

Our Have your Say Group is made up of people that use Capability Scotland's services across Scotland.

Find out about what this group does and how its work helps to give everyone a better service

Picture of soundbeam equipment

Capability Scotland has been using music technology since 2006, helping those that use our services to get involved in composing and performing music .

Ann McCutcheon cooking in her new home

At Capability Scotland we have always taken pride in providing disabled people with a specialist and individually-tailored service. Now we are taking that approach one step further through the introduction of ‘person centred planning’ to enable people to live the life they want.

Photograph of a staff member

Capability Scotland's greatest asset is its people. Crucially, the individuals who use our services are involved in every stage of the recruitment process, from contributing to the job advert, to sitting on an interview panel or observing candidates in group situations.

Two people laughing

Capability Scotland's ‘Have Your Say’ system is one of the main ways for the people that use our services to express views, float ideas, make comments, suggestions or complaints.

A man using a talking mat

Talking Mats are a simple, but extraordinarily effective, communications tool which support the people that use our services express their views and make clear choices.

Read about Capability Scotland's campaigns

We are proud of our commitment to quality and continuous improvement, which is at the heart of everything we do.